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The result: row better and faster!


Every analysis report contains four components:

  1. a overview with the key figures of your stroke and recovery;
  2. a comparison with two reference groups, chosen by yourself;
  3. a graphical stroke analysis;
  4. detailed graphs with information about the five strokes analyzed.

Compare yourself with rowers with the same weight, the same length, the same age or the best in class in our reference database. And use this to your own advantage, what are your strong and what your weak points:

  • Which muscles bring your opponents more power than you can?
  • Where - at what exact points - do your rowing-skills limit your speed?
  • Do you use your qualities to your advantage?

For coaches can also find valuable clues in the analysis :

  • compare every rower with the team's average or the best rower in the team;
  • where is a rower not synchronous with the team and where is he or she strengthening the team;
  • find the individual flaws that - when solved - will benefit the team the most;
  • select rowers based on strength and/or conformity.


The benchmark

Choose two reference groups where you want to be compared with. this can be your own team, but also a reference-group (same length , same weight , same field , etc.) from our database.


The graphical analysis

The graphical analysis (O-diagram) shows you the drive (up) and the recovery (down), and the catch (left) and finish (right). On the horizontal axis the percentage of the stroke length is given, on the vertical axis the speed in m/s.

Look at every individual part of your stoke. Examine the movements of legs, trunk and arms separately. Find your strength and weaknesses: graphical and backed with hard data.

Find here how easy it is to make your own motion video. 

Step 1

Learn how easy it is to make your own motion tracking rowing video.


Step 2

Submit your video and order your performance report, including stroke analysis and benchmarks.


Step 3

Start rowing better and faster, using the information from your performance report.


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