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Nico Rienks, two-time Olympic champion and initiator of Project 2020

Nico Rienks

'Row Analysis provided us with a motion analysis for the female rowers of Project 2020. Although this analysis stands out for its simplicity, I was surprised by the effectiveness of this tool. Of course - as a coach – you can see a lot by simply looking at your rowers.


Nevertheless a motion analysis adds value: the analysis confirms that what you see, quantifies it and provides you as a coach an unified view of the rowing qualities of your team. It also becomes evident where a rower deviates from the team average and needs attention. 

Also remarkable was the positive impact on the female rowers themselves. The added value is in the report that presented personal improvement points in a clear way. Not only in practical advices, but also in graphs and data, both compared with the average team and the best-in-class. It gave them insight and motivation and was an excellent starting point to improve their selves. Therefore they were very enthusiastic about the motion analysis.'

Willem Jan de Widt, coach Willem III and Junioren Holland eight (World champions 2015)

Willem Jan de Width

'We tested a number of our U19 juniors with Motion Tracking. The used method by Row Analysis is very easy and accessible. On the basis of the short video to the main movement characteristics of the rower can be determined.

In reporting the results and characteristics are associated with improvement recommendations.


An excellent tool to support the coaching , or to use in the selection of teams.'

Theo van den Broek, Saar Rowing Center (

Theo van den Broek

The Motion Tracking Analysis ( MTA ) is not only an efficient way to visualize your own stroke (it can be made in three minutes on a ergometer), it provides you with objective information and clues as to what part of your stroke needs adjustment.

Jeroen summarizes the results of the MTA (figures and graphs) briefly and provides the results of a positive and constructive advice how to get more effective. It is also very informative for the team to do a MTA: the similarities and differences in the strokes show clearly.

As a rower and as a rowing team it becomes very clear where to work on. MTA lets you look into a mirror. And the good thing about mirrors is, they never lie...

Jeroen Brinkman, Row Analysis

Row Analysis was founded by Jeroen Brinkman. Jeroen is a former race rower and is licensed by the KNRB for prof-coaching. He has developed the Modular Instruction Method, that is in use by a dozen rowing clubs and coached junior rowers at international level. He is also active masters rower.

His rowing and coaching experience , combined with his background in IT made ​​it possible to develop software which laid the basis for Row Analysis. It is the combination of this knowledge about rowing and software development, which makes it possible to convert rowing videos in for rowers valuable information.


Step 1

Learn how easy it is to make your own motion tracking rowing video.


Step 2

Submit your video and order your performance report, including stroke analysis and benchmarks.


Step 3

Start rowing better and faster, using the information from your performance report.


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